AR and Denial Management

AR & Denial Management

Account Receivable and Denial Management is the process of identification and collection of denied and unpaid claims by insurance companies (mostly due to reasons like incorrect billing and coding), re-filing of the corrected claims from aging slots. Advantage Billing properly reviews and then accurately code to receive the proper reimbursement of the service rendered.

We strongly believe that following up on denials is one of the major activities to improve the collection of a provider. Our separate team is there for the rigorous follow-up to make sure that every single denial received is worked out extensively so that the healthcare provider should receive the payment for the services he/she rendered to a patient.

Advantage Billing has highly experienced team members taking up the responsibility of following up and available to communicate any dispute regarding denial with the carrier representative. These members are responsible to submit and resubmit the claim with the needed correction and also keep a keen eye on the claim till the claim is paid.

 Overall, our AR and Denial Management process is very well-organized where our AR department reviews and categorize the denial reports, rejection Code, Reason Code, containing information on denials and write-offs Trends. The audit team investigate and analyzes previous denials trends and pass the correct instructions to the billing department in order to reduce the error rate in future billing. Then analyze the denial issues log and review the trends in insurance denials that had been identified to determine whether the actions taken were effective enough to reduce similar denial in future.