Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing Services

It is very difficult to manage business and practice at a time. Extra efforts are needed to run business, ensure cash flow meanwhile managing your practice to deliver the best quality of patient care. It for sure creates a lot of hassle in your practice.

Advantage Medical Billing is here to support you with its well-organized and comprehensive medical billing solutions. We have a full range of practice management solutions for all healthcare provider. Our professional staff and innovative technology enable a workflow that minimizes errors, accelerates the billing process and reduces the impact on your bottom line. We provide medical solution services including medical billing and coding, medical auditing, and denial management and more.

Our complete management and billing solutions include:

  • Claim submission and help in tracking to ensure payment on time
  • Remittance advice posting and Payment verification
  • Development of new payer rule in order to monitor changes and to keep payment on track
  • Clearing claim in advance for clean claims
  • Continuous follow-up process so nothing gets delayed or left behind
  • Can handle Web-based billing software that is easy to use and offers the best system to streamline, manage and track financial and administrative processes.
  • Availability of completely customizable reports in real-time that provides detailed visibility into practice performance and denial trends.
  • Information regarding insurance packages to ensure appropriate payer enrollment
  • Need-based account reviews to examine payer success and avenues for improvement.

Our medical billing services have been created to help you in tracking your payment in the best possible way. We will take some important steps to increase your revenue. All the claims created are submitted to a carrier for processing. Once this is done, our billers will check the eligibility of every single claim before submission because it is very beneficial to check the eligibility before submission such that denials of coverage termination will be decreased and the revenue of client will be received.

 Moreover, the team will ensure that Procedure Codes and the Diagnosis Codes used by the doctor in a particular claim are accurate as per LCD (Local Coverage Determination) policy. Also, if the CPT and DX are appropriate, then the ratio of denials will be decreased and the payment will be received swiftly. In this way, our team will make sure that every single claim is neat and clean in all aspects so that insurance will process the claim and release the payment at the first attempt.

simplify the medical billing process and minimize the daily challenges faced by our clients, we follow a framework of well-defined steps:

  • Transmission of claims to Us
  • Retrieval and checking of medical claims
  • Medical coding
  • Charge creation
  • Medical claims audit
  • Medical claims transmission
  • Claims submission
  • Follow-up and settlement

Healthcare professional, hospitals and healthcare facilities no longer have to go behind insurance agencies for settlement of payments. We will ensure that we follow-up consistently till the job gets done and the final settlements are made.